British Tunnelling Society

SES Contracting is a Member of the British Tunnelling Society (BTS), an Associated Society of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE). As such, SES Contracting is qualified to attend meetings of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Underground Space (APGUS), which works with Members of Parliament to shape safe and effective underground operations. Membership of the BTS reflects our commitment to the highest standards of tunnelling safety, and the highest quality of work.

The BTS was formed in 1971, to provide a professional forum for tunnelling professionals. Today, the BTS has almost 700 individual members, and over 60 corporate members, making it a major presence in Tunnelling safety. The BTS publishes industry guidelines and codes of practice; conducts training courses to advance the education of tunnelling professionals; acknowledges excellence in tunnelling; sponsors and supports industry conferences; and advises Government on the tunnelling industry.