Doncaster - Marshgate S & C Renewal

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SES Rail is a major labour supplier, suppling a highly skilled and motivated workforce to the S & C alliance North. We supply all skills levels and disciplines required throughout the railway industry.

During the Christmas blockade of 2015 SES supplied over 80 skilled operatives spanning over 14 consecutive shifts. The overall possession was 105hrs with 2 interim hand backs plus final hand back achieved on time, with no accidents or incidents – making zero harm a reality.

All planned work was achieved this consisted of:

  • 12 point ends plus a points conversion renewed including heating strips and full points set up – 1 x GV28 Turnout, 3 x CV 13 Crossovers, 5 x CV13 Turnouts plus HW2000 to IBCL conversion
  • 1535m effective overall length of renewal completed over 2 complex layouts
  • 222 welds completed – One team at Doncaster completed 8 welds in their shift, another team at Marshgate completed 7 welds in their shift
  • 7 stresses completed – 2 at Doncaster and 5 at Marshgate
  • Opened at the planned TSR of 50mph with the opportunity to Spate early