Dingle Station

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Built in 1896 Dingle Station was part of the Liverpool overhead railway system which, following decommissioning was subsequently dismantled in 1965. It is situated in a 1000 metre long tunnel and is used by an engineering company to repair and service motor vehicles.

During the summer of 2012 a section of the brick lined tunnel collapsed leaving a cavity under 11 surface properties which resulted in the occupants being evicted for their own safety. SES' Special Projects team were commissioned by Liverpool Council to safely repair and recover the collapsed section of the tunnel so that the surface properties could be re-occupied and the engineering business continue.

SES designed a support system to reinforce the void area and then systematically installed two tunnel structures and formwork to allow over 1000 tons of concrete to be placed in the void area. Upon successful completion of the works both residents and business were allowed access to resume their normal activities.


We have been very pleased with the work done at Dingle Station.  

It has been a pleasure to work wih SES as the site personnel work hard with a good attitude and do a good job.

Peter Harris, Chief Civil Engineer, Donaldsons Associates.